Most Popular Smartwatches in 2020

I think I have got a selection of Smartwatches and will fit you quite well. Let’s jump in and take a look.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

My very first Smartwatch is the Samsung Galaxy Watch active 2. The watch active 2 is so much more improved. Great battery life about three and a half days in terms of functionality which of course includes working out with a heart rate monitor and also having always-on display. I like using this watch to work out. The activities for working out, it’s pretty easy to navigate to the lack of actual mechanical dial is not missed here because the digital Dao works really well.

I do like what it does and I have to say though Samsung pay built in this is a solid smart watching probably one of the best in the Android ecosystem.

Puma Smartwatch

Second watch here is the Puma Smartwatch. This is one that is purely Fitness focus. Now is running where OS as using of course a Snapdragon wear processor from Qualcomm and this thing is focused of it is super light. It does have a 24-hour battery life. I will pass this over to board Pham because she spent more time with this watch than I have and she will give you the thoughts.

Hey everybody its board Pham and what do I think about the puma Smartwatch. Well as you can see I got it in the fizzy yellow which I love. It is a nice very sporty color combination. I need a little kick start and kick in the pants but it was a nice change for my rose gold so thumbs up on the color combinations. The weight of it is really a differentiating factor because it is very lightweight. That is probably one of the biggest points and I did fall asleep with it on last night.

Puma Smartwatch

Let’s see well it is sports watch right. You do not have everything in the world thrown into it. It is not supposed to be your entire organizers. So they did change up what you are going to put what is already loaded on to it as far as capability. So it is sports-themed. You have got pure track for Puma track for you know your activities you have where OS and Google fit. I am really actually taking a good hard look at my heart points. It’s been very helpful and that is one of the first time I have done into where OS by Google and you know it’s a great price.

It is 275 and it’s supposed to be ready and you know available on November 14th. I think for the holidays it is going to be a great gift idea. Definitely check it out, thumbs up from or found by not a few other Smartwatches. That I have not tried but I do have friends who have.

TicWatch Pro 4G LTE edition

I think you should take a look at the TicWatch Pro 4G LTE edition. In this case does have a lot of features that make it a compelling Smartwatch but to be honest, the main reason why I would recommend this watch is because of its battery life. The reason why it has a good battery life is because there is a second screen on there. it looks a little bit like an Old-School Casio Watch. It is a layer on top of the actual wear OS full touch screen that you can use whenever you need it.

Now let me give you a tip use the secondary screen as much as possible. Do not even have the watch come up and wake up when you bring your wrist up or anything like that. If you want to get the best battery life out of it, use the secondary screen as much as possible and only use where OS whenever you need to on top of all of that you do get ip68 resistance for dust and water resistance.

TicWatch Pro 4G LTE edition

You also get the 4G LTE capabilities which allow it to be kind of like a smartphone on your wrist. If you do want to leave your smartphone at home, you could just take calls using the watch also you can connect Bluetooth earphones to it. In case you want to do those calls or to listen to some media via the watch, you could do that as well on top of all of that is just a really sleek watch considering everything.

That is able to do so the Fitbit Versa through aside from the fact that it looks still very cute with yummy colors like pink. It still has really nice trap options plus a bitmoji watch face. This new versa is actually the most improved from all the Fitbit smartwatches. It has now an AMOLED display. It has sleep tracking it has voice integration what more can you look for in a sub $200 Smart Watch.

Apple Watch Series 5

What is my favorite Smart Watch? I would have to say that I have literally tried everything like no joke. I have absolutely every single watch this launch. This year and for me it’s Apple watch series 5.

It does not have the battery life of series 3 but it has the functionality of series 4. Sure you have not always on display which sadly only means less battery life and I feel does not end the day as series 4,3 did but still the Edit functionality is just hard to find it takes Fitness seriously which I feel that most watches do not necessarily.

Get it right and by the way, my previous Fitness watch was at Garmin Phoenix 5. It is not like if I have not tried the best of the best and yet the Apple watch is that watches where if I want to go start a run. I do not even have to wait for the GPS to lock or anything.

Apple Watch Series 5

It just automatically does it. Somehow, it always gets it right if I am spinning. For example, I do not have to worry about my calorie count not working. It will probably take it 30 seconds then it locks on and continues and it is just the whole functionality of the watch phases.

For example, the fact that the Meridian watch phase and others will give you so much information in just one watch phase and even if you do have the option to be able to do that on wear OS, the problem is that these modular Smartwatch phases are not necessarily as customizable as what you get from the complications.

Hybrid Smartwatch from Corona B

On Apple watch period, I highly and finally this last watch is not a traditional Smartwatch. This is a hybrid Smartwatch from Corona B. Now these watches I have actually been using it since last year why I have this on the list is because number one.

That is a two-year battery life. I have been using it for a year plus now and I have not needed to change the battery and it does have some smart functionality as well. Being a hybrid Smartwatch of course you got that traditional watch look really nice, super slick but it also has some really cool functionality. You do have the ability to use the different dial dubs to have different functionality like acting with your camera the second one to play and pause music or switch tracks if you want to.

We also have the ability to of course do different things like find the location of see your phone or your car using your Smartwatch. Those are things that you can actually do with a hybrid Smartwatch giving you three years’ battery life and of course some really slick and smooth designs.

Hopefully all these watches something that you guys can look and pick from this holiday season and say look there is a Smartwatch for me of course the Puma watch for fitness the galaxy active watch – the Apple watch Fitbit or even a hybrid Smartwatch to keep you nice sleek and looking nice. I think there is something for everyone.

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