Master Image tracing with Adobe Illustrator

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn to trace some complex objects and subjects as fruits, vegetables, animals, and other things in simple and efficient way very quickly
  • You will learn how to use image tracing tool in Adobe Illustrator used to draw sophisticated illustrations.
  • You will trace and recolor some real life objects quickly and efficiently.
  • You can use this skillset to create Graphic design and illustrations from photos
  • You will be able to transform a raster image into vector illustration with image tracing techniques


  • You must have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer.
  • Basic knowledge on Illustrator would be helpful.


Have you ever wondered, how to trace some simple objects and complex subjects with Adobe Illustrator? When you have to trace some real life objects such as fruits, vegetables, animals, equipment and other things in simple and efficient way very quickly. You can trace and recolor your traced image or vector using various tracing presets available in Adobe Illustrator. In this course, you will be learning how to use Tracing tool to trace and recolor real life objects quickly and efficiently.

Various complex posters and web illustrations are created with Image tracing tool in Illustrator. Its been used to trace both images and vectors used in various kind of projects. Tracing is one of the key component of Adobe Illustrator, that makes it the market leader in Graphics design software. So, if you are someone curious about Illustrator, or planning to build a career around Design, then you must learn and harness the power of Image tracing.

This class is designed in a way to help you develop this skill of tracing complex objects very easily, with a pragmatic approach where you will learn everything with practical examples and tutorials. A designers focus should not be to learn each and every tool in a software, but to optimally use minimal tools to draw maximum design. So don’t rush to learn each and every tool, because it may take long time to learn every tool, and you may get exhausted in the process. Try to learn a few tools first, and then try to practice as much as possible by drawing various shapes and art. This course will not teach you complete Illustrator, but will teach you effectively use image tracing tool to draw some amazing illustrations.

All the bests! Keep Learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is curious to learn Adobe Illustrator and create illustrations by using tracing presets.
  • Graphics designers and artists who want to efficiently trace and recolor sophisticated objects and subjects with Illustrator


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