Facebook will put groups on probation for violating its content rules

In yet one more attempt to slow the spread of misinformation on its platform, Facebook plans to place groups on its platform with too many posts that violate its content rules on a sort of probation, as per company. First reported by The Washington Post, Facebook will restrict any groups, both public and personal ones with multiple posts violating its community standards. Moderators for the groups will need to approve any posts manually for 60 days, and there’s no appeal available for groups on probationary status.

“We are temporarily requiring admins and moderators of some political and social groups within the US to approve all posts, if their group features a number of Community Standards violations from members,” Facebook spokesperson Leonard Lam said  “a measure we’re taking so as to guard people during this unprecedented time.”

Admins are going to be notified of their group’s status and told when the restrictions are going to be lifted. During the probationary period, Facebook will keep tabs on how the moderators of restricted groups affect posts; if they still allow posts that break its rules, Facebook may pack up the groups entirely.

Earlier in the week , Facebook pack up the Stop the Steal group — which had quite 300,000 members— that had posted election misinformation about vote-rigging, and which falsely claimed Democrats were trying to steal the election. The social media platform has taken several steps to undertake to stem the tide of election misinformation; Facebook currently has a ban on US-based political ads in place, and had specifically barred ads that falsely claimed victory.

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