Finally the iOS 14 update is here for all iPhones ranging from iPhone 6s to iPhone 11 Pro Max. For phones earlier than iPhone 6s, updates are only available up to iOS 12. iOS 14 is also available for iPads. The update is 2.83 GB. It’s recommended to backup your device before installing the new update. Also, because this is a bigger update, please install it while connected to WI-FI, not hotspot. If possible, install while connected to your computer using iTunes.

You can also use a Mac. Installing via computer or WI-FI is your safest bet. DO NOT use a Hotspot. Let’s get to installing it and see what’s new. You have several new features.

1: smart stack widget

The 1st feature you’ll notice is that you have smart widgets. Here, I’ve chosen my pictures and battery level as widgets. On the top, you have a smart stack widget, where you can stack several widgets.

2: App library

The 2nd feature is the app library. This feature categorizes your apps in a single folder. Just to show you, here are my utilities and shopping apps in one place. Instead of scrolling through all the screens to get to the app library, you can simply edit the home screen. You’d have a home screen and the app library screen.

3: Call notification

The 3rd feature is call notification. Now, an incoming call won’t block the whole screen. It just shows up on top and you can accept, decline, or just ignore and continue doing your work.

4: Siri

android siri feature

The 4th feature is Siri. Again, it won’t block your whole screen now and just shows up at the bottom. If you search something using Siri, it shows up on top.

5: Picture-in-picture

The 5th feature is picture-in-picture, which most of us will love. This feature allows you to multitask while watching videos. Say you’re following video instructions to change your phone settings, you can definitely follow along.

6: Customize default apps

The 6th feature is that you can customize your default apps for e-mail and browser. If I want everything to open with chrome, I can just set it as my default browser. It’s the same process for e-mail. I might miss some things. That’s only because this update is newly installed. I’m still finding new things on it.

7: Back tap feature

The 7th feature has to do with accessibility. Turn back tap on. The next screen prompts you to set a double or triple tap for various commands. As an example, I’ll choose reachability under double-tap. In this way, you can set different commands under the double or triple tap.

8: Emojis in messages

The 8th feature is for those who like to text a lot. You can search emojis instead of looking through all of them. Now you have more memojis in messages, too.

9: Camera flip feature

The 9th feature is a camera flip feature. Under camera settings, you can turn ‘mirror front camera’ on/off, while taking a selfie. In the camera app, you can set the exposure level by scrolling.

10: Air quality index

The 10th feature is something that’s really needed – air quality index in the weather app.

11: Speech to text translate app

The 11th feature is the translate app. This app allows you to translate conversations in real-time. This app will translate audio recordings or conversations in real-time. For now, not many languages are offered.

12: Webpage translator

The 12th feature is the ability to translate a website. This feature is offered in safari. Simply tap the ‘A’ on the toolbar. Tap on translate to English.

13: Privacy report

The 13th feature is a privacy report. Tap on the same toolbar to find your privacy report, which gives you tracking information.

14: Bicycling option in map

The 14th feature is in Maps. The bicycling option gives you directions based on bicycling lanes. If traveling by an electric car, the directions will be based on the route that has car chargers available.

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