Car Charger With SIRI & Voice Control! GOVOCE VC100 CAR CHARGER

Today’s product is a car charger that will make your daily needs a little easier. What makes the GoVoce Car charger special is that it is the world’s first car charger with SIRI or Google Voice Control. This small gadget will turn any normal car into a smart car.

Configure the GoVoce Car Charger

Today’s exclusive article will help you configure The GoVoce Car Charger. To get started, you will need two things:

1: Bluetooth
2: Power Outlet

Smart Features of Govoce car Charger

You get 2 USB ports to charge your mobile or any other USB devices, with a multifunction button. I am using this charger in my car that already has smart features, but it will work in any normal car. To give any command, simply just say Hey Siri/Google and state your command.

Supported apps

This car charger supports many apps like

  • Spotify
  • YouTube music
  • Apple music
  • Whatsapp
Now going to connect this charger to iPhone, so we will use Siri.

For Android users, you will use Google assistant.
You can also give commands like “how’s the weather” or “accept/reject the call.”
You get far-field technology with 2 mics strong enough to hear a command from the back seat.
With noise cancellation technology, the GoVoce charger will hear your command even in traffic or crowds. These were the main features.

Now, let’s go test it out in a car

First things first, plug in the charger. The LED lights indicate that it’s in.
Now go into your phone’s Bluetooth settings and connect to GoVoce.
After the charger is connected, the second step is to set the FM radio to 89.3MHz.
In comparison to the BMW X5 car’s default charger, The GoVoce is much faster.
The GoVoce charger is connected.
Now, just say Hey Google/Siri and place your command. To summarize, just plug in the charger, connect to Bluetooth, and set the correct FM. Then, check the weather, place calls, navigate maps, or anything that’s possible on your phone. You can charge two phones at the same time with the 2 USB-A ports. Each port has 5V power.

GoVoce Car Charger can also be used in a normal car without smart features. A last demonstration; Hey Siri, play music. That both the ports are USB-A is a downside. If at least one port was USB-C would’ve been nice. But judging by its overall features and functionality, this is a very good product. I’m an iPhone user so I demonstrated its features with Siri but you can use this charger with Android also. With Bluetooth 5.0, you get a 10m range;

you can easily connect from inside your house or within a 10m range. This charger is priced at $45 and offers worldwide shipping.

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