Facebook will ban ads that claim election victory wrongly

Facebook will ban ads that wrongly claim victory within the US presidential race. The news comes every week after the corporate announced it might reject ads from Donald Trump or Joe Biden claiming a premature win on November 3rd.

The policy covers ads that claim legal sorts of voting like voting by mail will corrupt the result of the election. Ads will bans that will claim false voter fraud that want to change the election results.

This is a true concern for the 2020 race. Therefore the official results likely won’t be announced on November 3rd. Experts are worry about this situation because Democrats will cast vote by mail rather than Republicans. Trump could declare an early victory, and then sow doubt about the results as more Biden votes trickle in.

Google likely had this in mind last week when it announced it might ban election ads after polls close on November 3rd.

Facebook also planning to limit of separation about vote results with its ad policies targeting in 2020 election. Political ads will be banned before a week of election. Now it’s looking past the election, too.

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