LG confirms Wing is the name of its new smartphone

LG confirmed the news that new upcoming phone will be called Wing (The Wing) which will be officially announced on 14th September.

It’s also indicated that Wing will have these qualities

  1. 5G Supported
  2. 6.8” Main display
  3. 4” Second Display
  4. GPU Adreno 620
  5. Triple-rear camera with 64-megapixel main sensor.
  6. It is also supported with Snapdragon 7-series processor.

The device are going to be LG’s first launched under its Explorer Project, a replacement mobile category the corporate says is aimed toward “discovering new ways to interact with mobile devices… and challenging established user norms,” adding that the Wing will “deliver a replacement and different form factor and mobile experience that might be impossible to make with conventional smartphones.”

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