Intel Launches 11th Gen Intel Core and Intel Evo

We are excited to launch the world’s best processor for thin and light laptops, our 11th Gen Intel Core Processor.

The 11th Gen Intel Core Processor built by Intel is the best processor. It’s the best processor on the market. And it certainly rises above all the imitators. The 11th Gen Intel Core Processor brings together a new CPU that delivers industry leading performance and frequencies up to 4.8 gigahertz.

So how did we make 11th Gen Core happen?

11th Gen Intel Core Processor.

We did this by making three fundamental moves.

  1. We started from the ground up, by redefining our 10 nanometer process for greater performance with our new superfine technology.
  2. We optimized our existing high-Vt transistors to improve leakage, performance, and variation, and then use them for non-high frequency and leakage sensitive, critical IPS.
  3. Third one is to redefine completely the metal stack. You could easily say that the metal stack is the true secret sauce for Tiger Lake.

We greatly improve the resistance of the lower to mid layers and vias, which are heavily utilized. We also added two additional high-performance layers at the top; to ensure we could reach peak frequencies with little voltage roll-off.

11th Gen Core

We also dramatically enhanced the MIM Cap capabilities by greater than 4X to ensure a rapid and solid power delivery response for high CPU intensity workloads. Resulting in greater than 20% CPU performance improvement, up to 2X, the graphics performance with new Xe graphics architecture, and 5X better AI performance, with new DP foray instructions on the GPU. Pair those improvements with platform capabilities like nearly 3X faster and more reliable connectivity with Wi-Fi 6, and new Thunderbolt 4, which adds USB 4 compliance, while also doubling the minimum requirements for data bandwidth and video over Thunderbolt 3.

With the first mobile processor with PCIe Gen 4 integrated, enabling direct SSD attached with up to 32 gigabits per second. Tiger Lake also delivers display engine support for up to four, 4K displays. Tiger Lake supports multiple memory technologies for those most common today, and those to come in future platforms.

5X better AI performance

Here you see two systems. This one is powered by AMD’s 4,800 U-processor. And this is our 11th Gen Intel Core Processor. Both systems are running light content creation by taking 100-year-old photos, colorizing them in Photoshop Elements and upscaling using Topaz Gigapixel AI. In other words, providing fine detail by adding extra pixels, increasing the image quality from 0.3 megapixels to five megapixels. As you see, Intel is over 200% faster than AMD. With today’s launch of our 11th Gen Core Processor, I’m thrilled to announce the next edition of our project Athena base laptops. We could not do this alone.

More than 150 partners are the part of the program which is proud moment for us. This includes component vendors, ISVs, OS partners, ODMs and OEMs. With a stunning performance of the 11 Gen Intel Core Processor, and through the Project Athena program and industry-wide cooperation, we’ve delivered the best laptops available, the laptop evolved. Lot of people don’t realize that a laptop is my instrument.

the 11th Gen Intel Core power devices

With the 11th Gen Intel Core power devices, gamers can now game, stream, and record. Emmy’s dad is using the latest laptop from the competition. She knows peak PC performance is the key to victory and the 11th Gen Intel Core Processor delivers. – I’m thrilled to introduce, Intel Evo.

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