Pinterest ameliorate and enhanced its skin tone search feature

Pinterest now is in process to upgrade SKIN TONE search feature for sorting pins in between site’s beauty category by skin tone with the help of Machine Vision. The feature launched within the US in 2018 and is now available within the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand also.

The feature is meant to form it easier for users to seek out content relevant to them, says Pinterest. It’s a standard problem within the search world that certain queries default to point out white faces. Allowing users the option to customize the searches supported skin tones, as per Pinterest it will help out the users to find their desired content.

The feature is now more prominent

When users are checking out content and delivers more accurate results, says Pinterest. The corporate offers searches like “grey hair on dark skin women,” “blonde hair color ideas for fair skin blue eyes,” and “soft natural makeup for Black women “ as samples of the type of fine-grained results the feature can deliver.

Search by skin tone is additionally now integrated into the company’s augmented reality try feature, which lets users look for lipstick shades and check out them on in AR. This feature is currently only available within the US but is launching within the UK “in the approaching months.”

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