How To Remove Microsoft Edge Browser Completely From Windows 10 Pc-2020

In this article, we are going to learn how to remove Microsoft Edge Browser from your windows 10 pc. Now a day’s, lots of people’s are using Google Chrome browser on their Windows Pc, at that time they are thinking why we have this edge browser on their pc.

Because this browser occupies some spaces in your windows 10 Pc, so if you like to retrieve this unwanted spaces just uninstall your edge browser from your Windows 10 Pc.

How to uninstall Microsoft Edge Browser?

Here are few steps to completely remove Microsoft Edge Browser.

uninstall Microsoft Edge Browser

First of all open your windows File Explorer by simply press “Windows key + capital E” and then go to “Local disk: C” which means that here my operating system is installed on that particular drive. Click to open it.

Now go to “Windows folder” and the final one.

Here it shows some folder names but you can locate “System apps” folder and then click to open it. Now you can locate that I mentioned folder, so finally I locate it.

Here you can rename this folder to following one which means that you can add “.bak” in this folder and then click to save all the changes, so you can click to “Continue”.

Windows folder

Same way you can rename next folder by add the “.bak” followed by that folder name and then click to save all the changes. So once you done this processes, just close all settings window.

Check whether Microsoft Edge Browser Uninstalled or not

Finally we are tried to check it, if my edge browser is uninstalled or not, so how to do it? By simply press that edge browser icon in your home page section, but unfortunately my edge browser does not opening which means that my edge is removed successfully.

Next very important one is never forget to delete this edge browser icon in your home page, so I try to delete it. Finally my edge browser is completely removed from my Windows 10 Pc. So this is the way you can easily deactivate your Microsoft Edge browser from your Windows 10 Pc.

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