You can Mimic Celebrity Voices with this Deepfake AI Voice Generator Tool

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to develop, the utilization of “DEEPFAKES” on the web is becoming more and more common. Although the utilization of those sorts of “deepfakes” to supply non-consensual porn videos and faux videos of celebrities and prominent personalities has become an enormous issue over the years, there are still some AI-based deepfake generators existing on the web.

This chilling DEEPFAKE VOICE GENERATOR is one of the best software that is using ARTIFICIAL INTELEGENCE to mimic the voices of jumbled celebrities and politicians.

Fake Voice Generator “Vocodes” with AI is a tool that can be used for changing the voice to the world top personalities like Bryan, Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates and other famous personalities.

Now, consistent with the developer, “Vocodes” isn’t something serious but an easy tool to possess some fun. Thomas built this tool as a part time project during lockdown. He is not trying to offend any person.

Thomas used his and his partner’s voice Linda Johnson with different layers for creating this awesome tool. Then he utilized the open-source tools from NVIDIA to coach the AI model of “Vocodes” to mimic the voices.

Now, i attempted out the tool myself to ascertain how it works and that i must say that it’s pretty cool. The voices of the personalities are categorized supported their quality.

So, as a Breaking Bad fan, I had to form BryanHeisenberg” Cranston say “You are goddamn right” only for old times’ sake and that i did.

Vocodes voice generator

However, within the first try, the model couldn’t process the words. I had to undertake a few more times to form it work and when it did, it had been pretty impressive. Although the flow of the dialogue wasn’t there (obviously), the voice was just about accurate.

So, if you would like to undertake out “Vocodes” for a few fun voice-mimicking times, you’ll click/tap right here.

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