Types of Cloud Computing

Even though cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular solution for businesses and individuals alike, and albeit tons of individuals are using it in some form, very often without even being conscious of that.

There are still tons of these who are only superficially familiar with the term. Cloud computing has been with us for a short time , and through that point , several distinct sorts of clouds are formulated, so this text will attempt to summarize the foremost details regarding each of them.

Public Cloud Computing

Public clouds are perhaps the foremost common sort of this service out there and one that’s most accessible and convenient for individual users, which isn’t to mention that business can’t make great use of them. Any quite cloud service that’s offered from one provider to numerous users, with hardware and software being owned by the provider are often considered a public cloud. During this quite setup you’re simply renting the services or resources, without having any quite control over the platform itself. Public clouds offers storage, web based applications, or variety of other services to their users, consistent with the one to several principle, which is to mention all users are becoming an equivalent application, as an example , with the sole difference being in their contract with the provider – variety of authorized users, limitations on application features and similar.

Scalability of this type of service, combined with the very fact that users don’t need to own expensive hardware, make this setup extremely cost effective for businesses, but public cloud systems are still being suffering from chinks in their armor, which is to mention security issues.

Private Cloud Computing

Private cloud setups are mostly employed by large corporations that need absolute control over their cloud, also as an increased level of security. The corporation in question can plan to purchase the required hardware, or just host their cloud with an external provider, but most prefer the previous solutions, because the investment in hardware is quite justified by the extra increase on top of things that it affords. The cloud is merely employed by the corporation, and is totally isolated from other clouds, making it far more secure.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

As are often inferred from its name, hybrid clouds are a mixture of a personal cloud with a public one. This enables the user to possess an adequate level of control and security, but also to use the resources of a public cloud. This affords for nice flexibility, as you’ll always limit the mixing of the 2 clouds to perfectly fit your needs. A bit like private clouds, you are doing need expert IT staff capable of maintaining the private cloud and therefore the link with the general public one.


This term describes clusters of personal clouds that remain separate on one level, but have a joint hub. This type of setup is usually employed by related organizations that require access to equivalent quite resources, but that need to stay separate.

One among the samples of this type of setup is different government organizations which require to be ready to function individually, but which may also use a hub for the synchronization of their data and resources.

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