Google banned More Than 100 Risky Android Apps that Hack your Phone and Ruin its Battery

Android users are being advised to delete the apps if they need them on their smartphones.

Google is during a constant battle with cyber-criminals.

Google Play store taking an action and ban over 100 apps due to malware attacks.

Google does have extensive security measures but sometimes apps can slip through internet.

Google deletes malicious apps as soon as a drag is spotted but sometimes this is often too late for people that have already downloaded them.

 The last six months of Android warnings about apps users got to delete.

The majority of which may be found within the list above.

There are some apps that signing users to paid services without their permission. SnapTube is also one of those apps. It is also a fact that this is popular app and more than 40 million downloads word wide.

It’s always best to see your telephone bill to form sure this is not happening to you.

Some apps can silently steal data and may be harder to detect.

Make sure you are doing your research on any apps you download and obtain them from the official Play Store.

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