TikTok Fined Due To Collecting Children Data by Korean Regulator

In yet one more blow, TikTok was just fined 186 million won (about $155,000) by South Korean media regulator for mishandling children data! This decision was made after finding over 6,000 records of underage users without their guardian consent. Even transferred overseas! This fine is simply another hit TikTok has taken, after being blown by major countries over security reasons.

TikTok Fined For Collecting Children Data

TikTok is within the news in these days. The Chinese app has grown immensely popular for its short-video recording feature, which may add audio or music behind and shared.

It’s so popular that, popular platforms like Instagram and YouTube have started trying an identical short-video recording features in their platforms, to lure more users into this latest vibe.

In these days, during a recent development, TikTok is fined about 186 million won by South Korea Communications Commission, the South Korean media watchdog. It’s booked for allegedly collecting data of youngsters under 14 years, without their guardian’s consent. This was decided after finding over 6,000 records containing children data, collected over six months.

Though it’s set an honest trend, it’s still accused of security reasons. Countries just like the US and India have alleged that TikTok is following loose security measures and will be used for spying on users since it’s overseen by the Chinese government.

This led the Indian government to ban TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps earlier this month, and therefore the US is thinking of banning it too!

The investigation also revealed that TikTok has did not inform the authorities on transferring the info overseas, which amounts to the violation of local privacy laws.

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