Google Penguin and You

Since Google emerged as first program, many dishonest SEO practices are performed by corrupt webmasters. A cyber conflict is continuously happening between Google and therefore the black hat spammers. So it’s better to travel straight and work consistent with predefined rules by Google. and therefore the best program optimization strategy is to follow the principles of the online and provides top quality content.

Many websites suffer from Google algorithms changes. There’s no space for web spam within the world of Google. Google is within the business of providing required customers to the advertisers. If users get useless websites they’re going to slowly tire of the method and move to another place. So Google never ever takes inferiority content for its customers. If the content is good and quality wise, its mean Google will get good customers which mean Google will get good revenue.

Every webmaster if familiar enough to Google’s algorithm update (Penguin, Panda). This new update effect tons program optimization rankings and traffic.

This recent update Google Penguin, worked on poor quality back links, keywords spamming isn’t an honest practice any longer. An honest SEO strategy is to take care of at the most two percent density.

Repeating same anchor text is not an honest practice. You’ll use synonyms that offer you equivalent meanings. This protects your work and precious time by not ranking down your site within the eyes of Google.

Back links from an equivalent or low eminence websites rank down your website. It’ll be better if you revisit links through people that really appreciate the content of your website. Websites that get more traffic and responses, have some good professionals to urge high ranking back links. Social bookmarking is that the key factor for getting more back links.

There are many social Bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and lots of more to spread your links and obtain back linked more and provide an honest boost to your website. You’ll also publish your content on different Forums, blogs and on other good websites which accepts your content.

RSS and Websites Rankings

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. Through RSS user can get most of the knowledge from your website without opening your website. The entire knowledge user gets in automated format rather than manually opening the web site. By RSS Feeds website owners allows user quick access of their content to their users. This is often vital tool for Backlink indexing. Keywords in RSS feeds are often wont to improve SEO ratings of any website.

RSS allows back links which may improve backlink ranking of any website. Remember the amount of RSS Subscribers of your website shows the recognition of your website. This trend has been threatened by the utilization of automated RSS scripts where websites and artificial users seem to subscribe your website during a sizable amount.

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