Easy ways to get comments to blog

Are you a blogger? And searching for people to discuss your blog posts?

But nobody leaves a comment?
Searching for the way to get good comments on your blog? And every one other questions like that?

Here I’m supplying you with the answers to all or any of your blog comments related questions and that i will guide you on the way to get more comments on your blog with easy hacks.

First of all, this happens to several newbie bloggers, because the shortage of quality information and therefore the tricks they use to urge more comments, actually , ruin their blogs and that they find yourself failing to urge more comments even once they are creating very amazing and great content on a timely manner.

You can solve it by following the below methods and tips. Let’s start now:

Create Questionable Content

Yes, creating and sharing questionable content on your blog can lead you to urge some interesting comments, and also you’ll got to moderate those comments but it’ll be better for a viral conversation.

Here, the question is what sort of content is questionable in every niche?

The answer:

Write about a rustic known for (topic/keyword) and say it’s known for an additional thing

Predict something and add really frustrating lines

You can also leave of the box and write of the topics which nobody want to debate publicly and even with loved ones.

I know that i cannot really explain this method here but in some niches like Technology News, Politics, and Showbiz this sort of method works alright and people who add these niches knows the way to create questionable content.

NOTE: Please attempt to understand the difference in objectionable content (bad) and questionable content (safe).

Make Commenting on Blog Easy

I even have seen numerous blogs (including authority blogs) that aren’t ready to make it easy for readers to go away a discuss their articles.

Many blogs are enabled with different commenting plugins and people plugins ask readers to signup with their respective platforms.

This may cause the burn to your blog’s comment system; as a result, you’ll see fewer comments even no comments on your well organized and rich content blog.

I recommend you to stay the commenting system on your blog as clean and straightforward as possible. For instance you’ll see the commenting system at the top of this blog post and check out to feature a comment, it’s too easy.

When you write the comment on a blog, below detail may be required to submit:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Website address
  • Comment

Yes, website address are often far away from the comment box but name, email, and comment box should be there with none captcha even it’s from any authoritative company.

Captchas ruin commenting mind of readers in order that its better to feature a spam filter or comment approval plugin at your website for taking care of spam comments.

Publish Less Often

Yes, the common thought for each blogger who is doing a/b testing to extend comments and engagement on a blog.

If you do not want to form your blog posts look empty (with zero comments) you’ll try publishing less often and it are often like 1 post per week or a couple of posts per month.

You can roll in the hay for 1 or a maximum of two months to form sure you’re not getting your rankings down the road.

As comments may assist you reduce the bounce rate, but publishing frequently causes you to get more readers, more trust of Google, and more views.

Add Facts and Figures

People like to read facts, understand figures, and increase their public knowledge for any topic they’re reading online.

You can put some statistics graphs that look amazing and created from real case studies or researches and also add some facts about the subject you’re talking about in any blog post to form readers know more about an equivalent topic.

Readers will often ask you about those facts and figures, which will increase the commenting opportunities on your blog.

In the end, the conclusion is we should always act sort of a human, not a robot.

Just attempt to create content to unravel a drag and as nobody can say everything during a blog post, you’ll tell them more within the comments section.

Invite Comments

This is often something every new and old marketer will tell you to try to for getting some comments on your blog.

Because, once you ask there’s an opportunity that a number of your readers will accept your invitation and submit a comment.

Also, there’s how of asking, don’t beg for comments.

  • Just ask having this in your mind:
  • Ask relative people on social media
  • Ask your readers at the top of articles

Use lines like Discuss in comments; ask your questions in comments otherwise you can say “let’s chat within the comments from below” and etc.

I roll in the hay and obtain some output on my clients’ blogs and a few blogs I test new techniques on.

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