Good Practices about Images

It is common that good images attract the visitors and increase traffic to your blog. But what are the great practices? Is it possible to use images found on the web? Does the image need to be resized? and the way images are often wont to increase traffic?

These are the questions i will be able to attempt to answer during this post.

1 – Where are you able to Find Images?

Bloggers with ethics don’t steal images on the online, they use :

Images obtained legally from on line image databases,

Their own photos,

Images from known sources with which they need an agreement,

We published last year a post (here) about sites where you’ll find royalty free images. Here is that the updated ‘Top 3’ list:

‘Royalty free’ doesn’t mean that you simply can do whatever you would like with images downloaded from these sites. Most likely there are restrictions to usage. It’s therefore highly recommended to read the license or the condition of usage before downloading the image. albeit the image is ‘royalty free’, it’s good practice to send a message to the author to thank him and inform him that you simply shall use one among his add a noncommercial internet site . Don’t forget to try to it! This manner you evince goodwill and defuse any risk of conflict.

A last piece of advice: keep track of the source of the pictures you employ on your blog. you’ll need to answer questions on images the day you would like to sell or transfer your blog…

2 – What is often done from SOE Point Of View?

Add title and alternate texts to your image. If you’re working with Blogger, use ‘properties’ to feature title and alternate texts to your image. These texts, naturally should relate to the subject of your post.

Another thing that you simply can do to enhance your position with search engines is to offer an intelligible filename to your image before inserting it in Blogger. Within the case of this post, the name I gave to the image file before adding it to the post is: ‘images-the-good-pratices.jpg’. It’s good practice to use hyphens to delimit words in filenames with a view to enhance processing by search engines.

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