Neon Artificial Human

Neon caused a bit of a ruckus when they started teasing their artificial humans before CES like first of all what does that even mean and second of all why though the hype built up to the point where some redditors felt the need to scrape the company’s website and they ended up finding out. Our CES 20/20 coverage is powered by pulse way the software that lets you do work without you being at work insane create your free account today and save 20% on their team’s plan at the link below [Music] so when neon actually pulled back the curtain themselves it turned out that the leaks we’re pretty accurate these neons were definitely not artificial humans.

Neon’s will supposedly have Personality and even Names

They’re also not quite digital assistants in the same vein as Google assistant Siri or Alexa neon says that they’re not an interface to the Internet so if you try asking them what the weather will be like tomorrow they may just tell you to Google it yourself like your buddy wood because neons will supposedly have personality and even names like frank hana Natasha. I’m assuming there’s got to be a Ronald in there so personally the main thing that drew me to this and the largest bit of click bait neon is actually guilty of is the visual component here neon teasers made it seem like what we were looking at where AI generated images of people not just videos of actors but that’s what they are that’s not a AI that’s just a guy.

A History of Smarter Child

I don’t know why they seemed hesitant to say that though because even with that knowledge the concept here is still pretty interesting I mean sure yeah neons are essentially just chat BOTS given a virtual physical manifestation but they’re not just updated versions of smarter child to entertain bored teenagers on MSN Messenger and I’m sure I just aged myself with that reference neon sees their constructs eventually being deployed in customer service roles like hotel desks and Airport kiosks instead of checking into your flight using that ancient looking touchscreen you could talk to Angela she’s great down the Lion neons could also be used in more casual scenarios.

Like as a combination digital assistant and talking companion for seniors now if you think the idea of interacting with AI is in service environments is weird sorry to tell you it’s already happening there are a growing number of hotels and airports especially in Asia that are starting to use robots to check people in and even provide room service neon would simply be putting a human face on these services so that interactions can be more natural sure it’ll look like a horrifying black mirror as Marit first but soon we won’t even realize that they’ve started to consume our body parts to construct cyborg bodies for themselves.

I am going to say though in the demo they put on for us what I saw of the neons capabilities was less than reassuring what they’re doing is essentially real-time customizable deep fakery taking the likenesses of paid actors and manipulating it with software we saw a technician move a neons head from side to side make various facial expressions and even tweak tiny details. Look natural when the neon speaks its mouth forms the words it’s saying although it definitely looked better speaking English than Mandarin and their capabilities are pretty rudimentary right now.

Neon Says That over Time they’ll Gets smarter

Neon says that over time they’ll gets smarter O’Reily I hear you ask remember Microsoft’s chat bot that learned how to talk by interacting with randos on Twitter it got racist real fast how do we know that these neons won’t join the KKK first chance they get I was wondering the same thing so I asked neon about it and they said that once they’re deployed neons will essentially forget every interaction they have as soon as it’s over so when you go to speak to one it won’t call you a racial slur because the guy in front of you fancied himself king of all the edge lords now the other problem here is that Airport kiosks can basically run on a potato and neons need powerful hardware.

I was told that each of these demos is running on a PC tower with multiple GPUs although. They wouldn’t specify the exact specs well don’t worry neon sees their AI is running in the cloud where they can deploy their futuristic spectra technology and core R 3. Which stands for reality real-time responsive yeah clearly those are just mysterious buzzwords meant to make it sound like neon isn’t. Just vaporware but I still think there’s some potential here for sure this seems like basically just a concept right now and they definitely over hyped. The crap out of this but it’s got me interested enough to want to see what they come back with next year. Speaking of hold on I’m being remote-controlled by Linus huh okay now go left straight yeah get me in order from in and out actually scratch that it’ll probably be disgusting by the time you get back that’s right friends pulse way is the remote monitoring and management software that helps you fix problems.

On the go by sending commands from any mobile device and unfortunately that bit at the beginning that was a joke you can’t actually control people but you can control your Windows Linux and Mac systems all remotely from a single app you can deploy custom scripts to automate your tasks and all of it means that you can spend less time working so try Pulse way today for free and save 20% when you sign up for their team’s plan at the link in the video description take the video back over again I have done, well that was it. I think this might be the last CES video so stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Linus tech tips content love. Please don’t forget to comment below.

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