Windows 10 MEGA EXPLOIT Found

The reason to make this tutorial is that you might call it having to do with a Windows 10 exploit that was discovered. How you absolutely need to update Windows right now. This is what I might consider a mega exploit and it was actually announced by the NSA as being discovered and delivered to Microsoft. They could patch it. Now the reason this is kind of a big deal you might have already guessed is if you are not familiar with how that government works in security agencies in particular. They do not just give out their secrets they like to collect exploits. They would like to be able to use them on for spying that sort of thing. If they create an exploit which will be very bad for Microsoft for fetching Window 10 it is a huge deal. Now fortunately Microsoft did release a patch.

You Need to Update your Window 10 Devices Right Now

Forgive me this tutorial is actually a little bit late. This patch was actually released on Tuesday but it is still worth making because a lot of you might have other devices around your home that you have not updated yet. Like maybe a laptop that you have not used in a week, you need to update it now. You need to go to your computer either go to the shutdown button and see if it says (update and shutdown), or go to the settings menu for updates. The update menu and click update now because here is the thing. If you have a laptop that you are not using or whatever, the next time you go to use it you are not going to think oh you know what the first thing I should do is? Wait for it to update instead of doing it for the thing you went to use it for or even if you are reading this at work. I have set a reminder on your phone so as soon as you get home, you will remember to update.

update window

Why this is pretty urgent?

There are several reasons why this is pretty urgent. First of all like I said this is unprecedented as far as I am aware, the NSA or maybe even any other security agency has never publicly announced an exploit they found to give the Microsoft. They might have done it in the past for like little ones in private but nothing this major and it suggests to me possibly. This is my opinion that if they are doing this, it might mean that they know that other government agencies around the world also know about this exploit and have either already begun exploiting it or they are about to find out. That it is literally a matter of national security that is one of the few reasons. I think they would do this is because they felt there was an actual urgent need to release this publicly and undoubtedly attackers and hackers around the world have probably been developing tools to take advantage of this exploit.

NSA made a Tweet on their Official Account

NSA made a Tweet on their Official Account

For people possibly like you who have not updated yet and interestingly the NSA actually made a tweet on their official Twitter account. Posting information about this exploit and without getting into too much detail it basically has to do with Windows cryptographic functions so encryption basically which is incredibly important in all aspects of computers.

What Hackers can do with your Devices?

Some interesting quotes about this exploit from the document is that it says allows attackers who defeat trusted network connections and deliver executive code while appearing as legitimately trusted entities. This includes HTTP connections. Signed files and emails and signed executive. Really anything that requires trusted certificates which is basically everything could be exploited. The hacker could literally completely take over your computer potentially and this is another really important point. They say that attackers will understand the underlying flaw quickly and remote exploitation tools will likely be made quickly and widely available basically saying you need to patch this immediately because hackers and enemy government security agencies around the world are going to immediately know the implications of this exploit and be able to take advantage of it and will start to take advantage of it.

Another really important reason to do it now and not later is. Because they could use this exploit to install malicious software on your computer that will possibly persist even after you patch it so kind of once they are in. You cannot kick them out again easily. You need to do this right now immediately. Another thing worth mentioning quickly is Xbox. One also runs off Windows 10 a version of it at least. I have not read anything saying you need to update your Xbox and that it is vulnerable but in my opinion just to be safe you should probably make sure that your Xbox is also up-to-date. To be 100% clear, the patch has been released by Microsoft is available and if you run automatic updates or you have updated since Tuesday, you are safe from this exploit but if you have not done that on all of your computers, you need to do that right now. Now so that is the main point of the tutorial I just want to talk about as a side note. I am going to also be talking about on Saturday.

Window 7 Reached to its End of Life If you are still using windows 7, you need to update that to Windows 10 now. It has reached its end of life. Windows 7 is no longer secure so stay tuned for that article on Saturday but just be aware that if you are using Windows 7 you need to update and it is kind of ironic that as I am talking about this. There is a major exploit for Windows 10 released but still you got to do it anyway. Comment below your opinion about this article please.

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