What You Should Start a Blog or YouTube Channel in 2020 to Make Money Online

I want to answer a question that I get asked probably the most and that question is if you were starting out today what would you do in order to make money online? And I have got some answers for that but it’s impertinent to talk about what I did to make money online when I started out because the situation was so different and it’s funny because today we are in 2020 and I first registered my first domain Rob Carbon in 2005 a massive 15 years ago.

With that domain I was able within a couple of years to start making it money online and then I was able to fully support myself by making money online through that domain and through the audience I built with that domain. Since then I’ve been telling people that if they wanted to build an audience online then they should start a WordPress blog. I used to give all the same old SEO advice write great content very specific content that was finely tuned to a specific audience offer that audience free content.

Gather email addresses and promote paid products

Get their email addresses and then proceed once you have built up trust to offer them paid products and go on from there now that’s still good advice. However in 2020 the situation is a little bit different well it’s a lot bit different. I went to an SEO conference here in Chiang Mai and really when you are building a new site these days you want to think about PB NS buying already existing domains paying for links and all the blackhat stuff that I used to say that you did not need to do it seems that you need to do that now.

The situation is not the same so you are thinking oh well it is easy for you to say you started in 2005 what I am going to do in 2020. Well it is very interesting. I do not have a massive audience; I do not have a great blog. It does not get a lot of Google traffic.

I was looking at my stats the other day and I found something very interesting but before I tell you that I want to talk a little bit about YouTube because soon after 2005. I won up in 2009 and 2010. I started a YouTube channel.

Starting YouTube channel

Now the reason I did this was not to make money. I still had a YouTube channel because I wanted to do tutorials for my blog which was about does web and graphic design and online marketing and that sort of thing and this kind of made sense to do video tutorials as well as text tutorials in the same blog post.

And the best way to do that was with YouTube that is why I started a YouTube channel now fast forward to 2020. I get a lot of money from that YouTube channel. And it is very small the video views are very small very tiny get very few video views, but it is enough to support me let’s say a single guy living in in Thailand that is not a lot of money it is not the only thing I own it is not my only source of income but it would be enough if that is what you wanted to do.

Check YouTube Channel Progress

Now the stats are very interesting. Guess how many video views I get per month and how many page views I get per month. 25,000 both of them can you believe it what a coincidence? I get 25,000 page views every month on my blog. That is not a lot same with video views on my YouTube channel 25,000. Would you believe it doesn’t mean to say there are 25,000 new people watching my videos every month? It just means 25 thousand video views every month.

But with that tiny audience that is enough to make a significant amount of money online in my niche with my products.

Still You Need SEO?

Let’s go back to this point that I was talking about with SEO at the beginning of this article. SEO is more difficult these days I think. I am correct in saying that. However I have seen new YouTube channels start up and get unbelievable traffic right from the off just because they are making videos in a niche where there is a good demand. I would say in a sense and I hate to say that anything is easy but I would say in a sense that starting a YouTube channel now is an easier proposition in order to get an audience online than starting a blog.

Whereas before, I would have said starting a blog was easier and more important. Now I would still suggest if you want to build an audience online you should do everything because it is really important to have your own website. If you want to build an audience or nine if you want to attract a certain niche out there to get eyeballs on your products, then I would still advise you to get a blog but it is will be hard work at the beginning and you are going to have to write some really great content. You are going to have to liaise and build relationships with other bloggers and other people in your space so you get those links.

Buying Backlinks Good or Not?

By the way I never did anything blackhat. I never bought any links I never did anything which is not allowed. Whereas I assume I am not telling people to do this but it seems to me as that if you want to get a site working these days you have to buy links.

Pretty much have to invest in those PBNs, those private blog networks. Sort of stuff that I never used to do and I do not know anything about but I do know as I am trying to tell you in this article. It is really difficult these days. If I would say one thing in conclusion to this small part of online marketing building a small brand around a very highly targeted niche audience that you are going to see better results through YouTube.

Then you will through a WordPress blog but still do both how do you get the results through YouTube by the way it is not through advertising it is not through AdSense on YouTube.

Let’s Go To the Conclusion

Although that does bring a certain amount of pocket money in every month, but the way you make money of YouTube or the way I have made money onto YouTube is with the link in the description that goes through to my either a sign up page a free sign up or to a paid product and that really does work people see your great free content on YouTube and they want to. They want more from you, so they click through to a link and sign up to a freebie maybe it is a patron page. I do not do patron myself but it is that sort of thing that is how you make money on YouTube and I get the feeling that it is easier certainly in my niche.

I do not know about everyone else it is easier to get off the ground running it is easier to hit the ground running on YouTube than it is with a WordPress blog at the moment I hope you found that useful to you.

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