How to Download PANDA HELPER VIP on iOS,iPhone and Android Phone.

In this article, we are going to learn how to download panda helper with VIP and which has no revokes at all I’ve been trying it for almost a month and have not had any revokes at all so basically where I got it from is this website. This is the only website that actually worked I have been looking around YouTube lately and didn’t find anything they are all just time wasters so basically I finally found a working one so I decided to post a video that actually works. Are you going to do visit this website?

It is pretty famous.

I mean if you do not know to inject, they always have the best websites. It is This is the link make sure you enter it and just follow along; It should look something like this and the PANDA HELPER VIP.

This is a tweaked panda helper app which has VIP and no revokes at all and its daily updated. Now check how to install it. It’s  pretty easy, if you’re an Android user make sure you click on the first download button if you’re an iOS user like me make sure you click on the second download button so in my case I’m using an iPhone right now and I’m just going to click on the second one. it’s going to read directly to the app injection part.

Basically this is the app injection part and the helper is not available on App Store as you know need to inject it through like different way so this might be a little bit confusing, but trusts me it only takes one minute so basically just select any two apps from the app stores.

They’re completely free no sign up for anything. What they do is they help inject app data at panda helper into your device.

I am just going to randomly select any app. You might have different apps or different like things just make sure you just follow the description written on every app. I am downloading it. See it took me to the official apps or go back I select this and install it. Go back to my home page wait for it to install, then after that one it for around 30 seconds. Make sure you do not get confused with this app injection part, If you got if you got any doubts or anything just make sure your comment. I come into a comment back to everyone so my wife is kind of slow right now so I’ll make sure finishes installing.

Alright, both of the apps are installed. All we go to do to make sure this injection is successful is to run them and do some random human activity for like around 30 seconds. The longer the better, if the more you like make sure it works, so make sure you do not sign up for anything I’m just stay on the main page and just randomly tap around for 30 seconds that is what you guys got to do I’ve already got my panda helper.

I just go through this real quick and make it as simple as possible so basically after doing so run the other app and just randomly click on anything. Once you randomly click for a click on the app for like 30 seconds, make sure you restart your phone. This is very important! Make sure you restart your phone and after restarting your phone you will get this panda helper icon on your home page. After making sure that panda helper is successfully installed, make sure you delete these apps because we no longer need them after making sure that panda helper is installed.

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