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From time to time here at tackiest city I get people who give away their old PCs to me and it’s most likely, either something’s broken or something’s missing. But over time if you could accumulate more of these PCs, then chances are you can actually make a PC that will boot up and play games. One of those games in particular is escape from tarkov.  You guys have requested on Twitter, that I test this game out and see if I can play it on a budget.

Now this is a game that’s on PC in closed beta. At the moment and the only way to get closed beta access is to buy the Pre-order for $45 and they’re stating that the system requirements.

The minimum system requirements are that you need either a Core 2 Duo or an old phenom and 6GB of RAM. Also a graphics card that needs 1GB of VRAM and DirectX 9 support or better.

So today we’re whipping up one PC and we’re pulling our components out of another for instance. This one I got here for helping someone out install a new Rison system and it has an FX 8120 inside.  I’ve also pulled the memory out which it had 32GB and I am going to be putting in 8 gigabytes of RAM as well as pulling out an old power supply from an old PC that I had.

That got donated as well where it was not working. But I managed to pull this powers play out clean it up already and test it out and it’s giving out a signal. After that  I had this other PC that had 2500GB hard drives which I’ll hopefully be able to put in raid 0 and then we’ve got a GTX 660TI. Which actually has 2GB of VRAM on board.

So if everything goes to plan after we finish up cleaning up these components I’m gonna boot up tarkov and see how it plays on something that essentially is free. If you have just built yourself a gaming PC and you get this annoying Windows 10 is not activated message in the bottom right hand corner, then today sponsor SCD keys.  We will fix that straight away.

You can go onto the website quickly put in the coupon code TYC SK and get a 12% disk and that means, you will get a Windows 10 Pro x64 license single end for as low as $13.  I will put the link and the coupon
code in the description below so you can quickly get started.

Now at the first phase of cleaning everything up and we change the thermal paste on the CPU with the CPU cooler underneath. We also change the thermal paste on the 660ti then we are going to be using as well.

So it is finally time to put this thing together it did take a lot longer than I thought. That’s mainly because there was like some weird sort of calcium buildup on the top panel in the front panel where it took me a little while to get all that off. But regardless hopefully we will have a PC that is looking like it’s brand new. After we have finished putting this thing back together. So let’s get on.

So the PC is now finished it’s up and running absolutely fine. Do let us know in the comments what you think about this PC right here and of course, the cost of this build but I actually did cheat a little bit and I added in an SSD a 120GB solution just to make the whole installation process a lot quicker and so I don’t have to mess around with things.

Especially when it comes to fine tuning over clocks and we also managed to do a dynamic raid 0 with those 2 500GB hard drives in Windows 10. This allows for this drive to now appear as a one terabyte drive in Windows and then the graphics card and the fans are really quiet on this build which is something I am pretty impressed with as this whole build is running right now.

The side panels off and the noise is quite low though in the meantime I did manage to do a bit of overclocking and tuning on this system. And I got it to 4 gigaherts on the FX 80 120. Now people may say that this is not that great of an overclock and honestly it is not. But considering we are using a budget power supply which has a single four pin connector. Which I have, Then used and converted to an 8 pin just to get the extra length.

So I can do a little bit cleaner cable management. Now the memory we are using for 2GB sticks as we said in the intro and we managed to get these to a Cl9 1600 megahertz. Which is quite decent and that’s going to provide along with the CPU a decent level much better than that
of stock settings out of the box. So hopefully we’ll get a smooth experience on these 2 coupled with of course that 660ti which is actually running really quiet and is looking pretty good so far.

Though the only thing left to do now is wait for talk off to finish installing and it is actually not that big of a game.

It is only 17GB which even on my internet should only take another hour or two to finish installing so we’ll be up in gaming and getting some FPS figures for you guys very shortly.

They do let us know in the comment section what you think about this build so far. The tech yes loving was it up to your standards.

Now our free PC and the FPS figures and escape from tarkov now I am gonna say straight away this game is really exciting it’s the first game of played in a long time that is just unique it’s got a skill curve it also has a learning curve and you get into the game and you’re like. wow I can then do this and you can disassemble guns and reassemble them.

Put different parts on things and different ammo and all this kind of stuff and I realize this is just like a whole different world in terms of an FPS game. Not only is it a cool survival game but there’s so many elements that you have to learn in order to get better at this game.

I can see that straight away even only after playing it for like a couple of hours. Where I just started off and started getting into the groove of things and I was just playing in PvE mode and mainly because I think you have to learn the maps first and learn all the critical points on those maps.

Because I did not even have like an actual listed map to pull up and learn where to go. so that was a pretty funny though but I ended up playing straight away and losing all my loot because I played PvP and then from there I kind of just figured out. Okay I can buy back and get my things back and then stop playing again and in the process though I did record the FPS Vegas so on this FX 8120 system there’s some good news and bad news.

The good news is is that it can play the game at 1080p with the 660ti. We were getting a 61 average FPS when we did apples to apples benchmark with a 1% in point of assent law of 13 and 12 and then there was this setting that really ticked off my curiosity and that was the use only available physical cause.

This is on by default and when we turned it off, we could see that the load on the CPU threads themselves were the dispersed more evenly but the average FPS dipped is a consequence of this so we went from 61 then to 56 so leaving this setting on out of the box is most likely going to be beneficial.

Though when it came down to it I did do a big benchmark. Where it ended up averaging out over like a randomized benchmark so that physical cause test that I showed you was just apples to apples where it shows that you will want to leave this setting on but when it came to a big benchmark I averaged out about 53 fps and so this game does struggle a bit.

On the FX 80 120 especially in relation to those stuttering and 1% palms and lows though the bad news is and we need to start going into .

The bad news is that I couldn’t overclock this system and the reason being is the power cable going to that CPU. The power supply used when I locked in that 4 gigahertz it seemed okay at first. But when I jumped in to cut talk of like the whole system just shut off and it would repeatedly do this.

after just trying to play the game and so I had to revert everything back to stock and then it just managed to play the game fine, So I couldn’t really lock in any overclock the power supply was limiting our ability to do that even to extract a bit more performance out of it.

Where I definitely feel like a setup like this could get 60 average FPS and quite smoothly so you don’t need the latest and greatest hardware to play. Talk off like a 660ti surprisingly is actually fine for this game too.

If you don’t mind dropping the settings a little bit because when out of the box. It defaulted to high settings we’re only getting like 30 FPS and the point one percent and one cent loads were horrendous so you would not want to play this game on these settings though that
being said. If you could get something like a GTX 780 for example with 3GB vram before even like a 79 70 and maybe like an ex 3470 Xeon or an i7 2600.

On this game at 1080p it should be a really smooth experience and the settings we had here today will give you a playable experience and I’m really happy with a free PC but I feel like I could have got a lot more out of this system.

If I had a better power supply so that being said that’s the sort of drawbacks of things together for nothing but the same time, we still have a PC that can play tarkoff and it’s actually a really exciting game I look forward. To doing more content for you guys with this game say for instance if you guys want to see a really good balanced budget gaming system for this game then I can make that happen.

Because I see this game getting only bigger and bigger as the player base is just growing and the good thing is they’ve got servers in Australia as well. so I could get like 20 ping to Sydney in Australia which is really good because a lot of big games that come out.

They don’t even have Aussie servers and that really ticks me off. Anyway without a side I hope you guys enjoyed the free talk of gaming PC.

Here we just put things together and the base of it is is that if you guys can help people out then a lot of people are going to be willing to give you those older parts and help you out in exchange so for instance I see a lot of people on Facebook marketplace and gum tree and they advertise over the months like I’ll see all these different people because I guess their ads don’t last long because they give up doing it they’ll advertise to build you a brand new PC with parts from the store and they’ll charge like 50 or $100 for their service to do it the problem is they’re advertising that on gumtree and Facebook marketplace.

When people see that they’re already seeing the competition on refurbed and use gaming PC’s which are coming in much better than the prices of new gaming pcs and so they’re basically advertising people like me who are flipping PCs on these marketplaces.

So my advice to people, who want to get started out and don’t have a whole lot and want to get into PC gaming would be to offer your services say help people out say look willing to help you diagnose problems with your PC for free and just pay for
my gas or pay for my food and transport. And you’ll find from there it’ll open up a whole world of opportunities for you.

Because a lot of PC problems that I fix personally they come down to very simple things either the person’s installed a heap of bloatware malware they need to reinstall their OS or they need to do simple things like reset the memory in order to get their PC working again or
of course there can be faulty hardware. and I find if I help people out there’s either a lot of the times they’ll give me older hardware that they had because I helped in the case of this PC here today I helped someone out with their new Rison system.

They said look do you want my whole old system and I said sure thing I love checking out the older gear and the other two candidate pcs as well I helped out another person get together in our x5 80 systems so that were really grateful for that too, So when I’m helping people out and doing things for people they don’t mind giving me that older hardware that they’d probably otherwise just chuck out so if you want to get into PC gaming you don’t have a whole lot my suggestion would be.

Instead of advertising to build people brand new gaming pcs I would advertise just to help people fix their PC problems and as I said before you’ll find that it will just open up a whole new world of opportunities where people really just don’t mind giving away the stuff that.

Otherwise most likely Chuck down at the tip because a lot of times those same people don’t want to actually advertise their PC parts on gumtree or Facebook. They couldn’t be bothered selling the parts that’s what I found then rather just give it away or because they’re just not worth their time even selling it. Though that’s just my whole thinking behind it if you guys have any tips or tricks of your own. oh! you got any stories that you want to share then be sure to drop a comment in the comment
section below where you can help out people who want to get into PC gaming and they don’t have a whole lot because I love reading your thoughts and opinions as always like the question of the day what we’ve got here and it’s from Eli restaurant and they asked I have this  PC with an Rx 580 plus and i7 8700 and I have the same problem how can I fix it and they’re referring to a yesterday’s video or actually video.

I did two days ago with the Acer Nitro and we found out it had a quite a few problems with it that we did fix in the end though the biggest problem is just that you’ve got to add another stick of memory and update the BIOS and make sure after that things should be running a bit better though in the case of that PC we also added a custom fan profile to the GPU and we also added an exhaust fan and that just helps with the temperatures and helps keep everything running smoothly because with an RX 580 it does from the top of my memory.

Put out more heat than the GTX 1066GB so with that in mind if the ASA nitro which I’m guessing they’ve used another really cheap GPU cooler on the GPU then I would seriously look at getting a higher fan profile where the fan speeds ramp up a bit higher sure you’re gonna get more noise but you’ll be getting more FPS or even then you may wish to get an aftermarket cooling solution for that graphics card like something like an Arctic Exelero 3 and then replace that if it fits in that case anyway hope that advice helps and I’ll catch you guys in another tech article very soon and if you’ve also played escape from tarkov let us know what you think of this game if you’ve got any tips and tricks for me to love reading thoughts opinions all the time and I’ll catch you in another tech article very soon.

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